“Who cares for the caregiver? – informal caregivers and vulnerability” (#Juniors2Seniors with Maria Inês Costa, Clara Costa Oliveira and Laura Brito)

This edition of #Juniors2Seniors features Maria Inês Costa (Master’s in Human Rights by UMinho). This young researcher presented a master’s dissertation on informal caregivers, which was (exceptionally) awarded the classification of 19 out of 20, being dedicated to the study of the "care dyad" – this is, the relationship that is established between the caregiver and the dependent person – as well as the various issues associated with it, such as dignified ageing, mental health, social sustainability, digital exclusion, etc. Maria Inês Costa has as guests Clara Costa Oliveira (philosopher, Professor at UMinho and caregiver educator) and Laura Brito (psychologist, PhD student at UMinho and caregiver educator).