CitDig activities relies on the contribution of all staff members, guest speakers, EU and national policy makers, civil servants and academics of areas of expertise other than law. They will study and discuss scientific literature on the matter, taking into account the current EU legal debate and professionals’ experience and insights.

UNIO Space

CitDig launches a new electronic repository entitled “UNIO Space”, under which content related to EU law will be made available through various formats that document the interaction between its researchers: #Juniors2Seniors, research coffee, visit to academia, etc. This new platform is associated with the existing “UNIO – EU Law Journal” ( and its blog “Thinking & Debating Europe” (

In the "Research Coffee" format of the "UNIO Space" distinguished personalities are interviewed for their contribution to European legal integration and CitDig relevant issues.

With the “Visit to academia” format CitDig promotes the dialogue between academia, legal professionals and policy makers, fostering the engagement of young students in researching EU law and developing their skills to criticize/improve the produced knowledge.

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