“Artificial Intelligence in the European Union: security, responsibility and limitations” (#Juniors2Seniors with Tiago Cabral, Francisco Andrade and Henrique Santos)

(#Juniors2Seniors with Tiago Cabral, Francisco Andrade and Henrique Santos) 

This edition of #Juniors2Seniors (Espaço UNIO, CitDig) features Tiago Cabral (PhD candidate at School of Law, University of Minho) and discusses the need for regulation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the European Union. Topics such as data governance for high-risk AI systems, liability for damages caused by AI systems, transparency or explainability of decisions by AI systems, proper implementation of the legal framework that will regulate AI in the European Union are addressed. Tiago Cabral’s guests are Francisco Andrade (Professor at School of Law, University of Minho and Director of the Master in Law & Informatics) and Henrique Santos (Professor at School of Engineering, University of Minho and President of the Portuguese Association for Data Protection – APPD).